Denitsa Dobreva – Event & Admin Support

I am passionate about working in dynamic environment and communicating with people from various backgrounds. I have spent the last few years developing my skills related to customer services and my personal development. Moreover, I just finished my master’s degree in International Events Management in Coventry University. Therefore, I am trying to apply my knowledge and values into practice in order to develop practical experience and inspire kindness.

My passion of organising and planning events has been increasing rapidly throughout my whole education in Coventry University. This enhances my desire to take part in the charity fashion show in Coventry University which aimed to support women and their children who have been (or are) victims of domestic abuse. Along with presenting projects related to event experience at international exhibitions in the Campus, I was volunteering for Coventry Haven Women’s Aid to increase awareness of social responsibility whilst minimising damage to the environment. As a person with positive mindset I love working in places with important values and clear vision for creating better future for all of us.

I am constantly trying to improve my personal development associated with communication and leadership skills, which are essentials for the future success in the fast-growing environment.