Chamber members are working together to spread ideas via the TEDx global brand

TEDxCoventry will be returning on 29th February 2020. It will take place at the prestigious Belgrade Theatre. TEDxCoventry will be working together with the Coventry Chamber of Commerce. A fellow Chamber member will bring a fascinating TEDx talk stemming from her journey.

 Pictured above, chamber member Louise Campton is one of a handful of speakers, chosen to speak at the event in the new year. Other speakers include Dr Rosa Kwok, Omar Sherif, Bob Scott, and Stacey J Mason to name a few. Talks range from men and anxiety, the talent hidden in dyslexia and the value of feeling safe.

Dav Kaur, Lead Director for TEDxCoventry had this to say about working together with the Chamber to bring the event to Coventry – “The Chamber has been very supportive from the very beginning and they have provided immense help in undertaking this huge task of introducing TEDx a global name to West Midlands business community.”

TEDxCoventry 2020 will give you the unique opportunity to listen to TEDx idea’s worth spreading. From inspiring speakers that spark deep conversation to the thought-provoking mindset change. Find out more:




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