Veselin Yordanov – Event Co-ordinator

To inspire minds and support positive change

In nowadays everything is so fast phased which pushed us to be in hurry all the time, we are all blinded by our objectives and the end results and stopped paying attention to what is actually important in our lives, people. I believe that we should be more present and aware of not only our own problems but the one surrounding us as well. Sharing wisdom and knowledge with someone might inspire other minds and help to create a positive change. The footprint left in me after coming in Coventry in 2017 is how supportive are people, and how they will share their life knowledge with each other, thus I have changed throughout the years and after being introduced to TEDx I wanted to share their knowledge and ideas to much more people, make them aware and inspire them to dream for the future and create it in the present. o&ޘ

Favourite TED Talk

Chris Bailey TEDxManchester