Pooja Ahluwalia – Advisor & Licensee

I believe in a brighter future for all. 

With the pressing challenges of the current global and local political and economic climate, we need to bring important issues to the forefront and share collective ideas on how we can tackle problems and find solutions. 

I think that the city of Coventry has so much potential and can really benefit from sharing ideas that are current and innovative. With the opportunities of the UK City of Culture 2021, the European City of Sport 2019 and the re-development of the city centre, there is so much to be talking about for how the people of Coventry would like the future of this city to look. TEDx, for me, is a platform to move people to action, to inspire and to educate. It is an opportunity to create and encourage engaged citizens to tackle the challenges of today. 

If we can move citizens to take some responsibility for the local challenges, we face we may be able to create a better future for all. I would like to contribute to the growth of this initiative to have a greater impact. 

Pooja Ahluwalia- Advisor & Licensee

Favourite TED Talk