Donna Preece – Curation Lead

As a true Coventrian, I have watched this city as it has shaped into a vibrant and inspiring community. Throughout the years I have never ceased to be amazed by the tenacity of the organizations and individuals, that want to make a real different in this town and subsequently the world. I cannot advocate enough for the calibre of individuals in Coventry that motivate me daily.  TEDx is one of my favourite organizations with such a simple premise they have inspired the masses, and empowered local communities to take charge and say “This is what WE can do” through the seemingly small ideas, powerful movements happen. I am very excited to be part of idea generation in Coventry and cannot wait to see where our future is to going to take us. I feel truly blessed that I can be a part of such a poignant and influential time in my home town”.

Favourite TED Talk