Want to join the tribe who love to spread world-changing ideas. We are Proactive, Productive and Positive team. Come join us if you want to experience TEDx journey with us and to make world a bit better place for everyone.

What it means to join the volunteer tribe

Our volunteer tribe is the lifeblood of TEDxCoventry. They are the beaming faces that represent it at our events and they’re the grafters making things happen behind the scenes. Without them we couldn’t be able to create a magical and seamless experience for our audience. There are various roles you can take up as a volunteer at our events, depending on your skills and interests.

What’s different about joining TEDxCoventry?

What’s different about joining TEDxCoventry?
We know our volunteers believe in our mission to spread world-changing ideas and ensure Coventry is at their heart and mind to address local and global issues. So when you join, you’ll be part of a community of like-minded doers, not just volunteers at an event. Our volunteers are team of experts in their own right but we give them experience of life time by joining on journey to change and make world a better place. Our volunteers are ambassadors of our vision With that, we want everyone in the tribe to share the same dedication, passion and commitment to excellence.

What will you get as a volunteer?

  • Free access to all the events you volunteer.
  • Opportunity to be in core team to make it happen from beginning or help us to make it happen on the day.
  • Not only will you get to peek behind the curtains, you’ll be part of the team making things happen backstage
  • Opportunity to connect with like-minded, thought provoking, out of box thinkers, jugglers at our socials and team meetings. A chance to share opportunities, ideas and to be part of something.

Start your journey…