TEDx Coventry 2018 - Rebooted

Coventry is a city that is going through an intense period of change and regeneration. In this time of complex, and sometimes difficult, economic and political landscapes, Coventry has shown that it is possible to restart and revive what you already have.

New opportunities are arising all the time throughout the city of Coventry; from our arts scene, our bustling Universities to our rising cultural prowess. We are Coventry, and we are rising from the ashes.

Our theme – Rebooted – is aimed to be symbolic of Coventry’s culture and its workforce, rising from the ashes if you will. Equally, this theme gives recognition to the digital era we now find ourselves in, where information is boundless and from which our knowledge is now growing at an exponential rate. This era represents a new territory in which many new lessons are being learned.

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